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iStock_000000765290_ExtraSmallAdvanced Realty Consultants, Ltd., a full-service property management company focused on commercial, investment, and residential properties in the western suburbs. We also offer management services to Developers, Owners, and Banks with OREO (Other Real Estate Owned by Banks) properties.

With combined experience of more than twenty years, we provide the best combination of quality service, effective pricing, and reliability of management. More than in any other industry, property management and maintenance really come down to good old-fashioned experience and customer service.

We offer a full range of services, allowing you to pick and choose only those services that best suit your needs and budget, with no complicated package deals or charge for unneeded services. From the simplest to the most complex management or maintenance task, we are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For an affordable monthly fee, we handle all aspects of the management and maintenance of your property, helping you retain and increase its value, and avoiding costly mistakes. We use our expertise to provide our clients with peace of mind about their valuable properties.

Services Provided

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24/7 Maintenance and Repairs
We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you don’t have to be. We have trained subcontractors to handle most emergency situations immediately upon arrival. Our company guarantees that all emergency calls will be answered promptly.
Accounts Payable and Receivable Management
We can handle as much or as little of your accounts payables and receivables as you like. In most cases we handle the collection and payment of assessments, tax bills, utilities, service contracts, mortgages, insurance, fines, licenses and security deposits. Also, we provide profit and loss statements, bank statement reconciliation reports and quarterly budgets for Board meetings.
Assessment of Late Fees and Security Deposit Deductions
When you first hire us, we ask a series of questions so that we understand how rigorously you want us to deal with your tenant. It is important to discuss this early on since we must adopt uniform rules and regulations for all tenants. We will be sure to follow your instructions. Further, upon the vacancy of your rental unit, we assess the property for any damage, cleaning or any other type of deduction allowed in the lease. These deductions, if any, must be documented and a strict procedure followed to comply with the Chicago tenant-landlord ordinance. Not following these rules can results in huge fines and legal fees, in addition to time spent in court.
Assessment Planning and Special Assessment Avoidance
As you may have experienced, often times the budget established by the developer/builder will barely cover the basic expenses of the building. This is sometimes done to keep the assessment low and make the property more attractive to buyers. One of the first things we do when hired is to analyze the current budget and advise the Association if it is adequate, not only in the short term, but also for the next five to ten years. The goal of performing this analysis is to avoid special assessments and implement a plan for preventive maintenance. In the majority of cases preventive maintenance will be far less expensive than any repair cost.
Association Turn-over Meetings
Our experience allows us to work as a liaison between the developer/builder and the homeowner association. When we become involved in the earlier stages of this process, we can ensure a smooth transition and create a budget designed to meet your property maintenance needs, provide preventive maintenance and avoid unwanted special assessments.
Building Violation Corrections and Compliance
Our experience is what truly sets us apart from the competition. Our 20+ years of combined experience and involvement in cases with the various Village Governments allows us to handle from the most insignificant to the most complex violation. Regardless of the type of complaint, we have the knowledge to handle it in the most expeditious and inexpensive manner. From a minor signage violation to the most complex complaint requiring variances, zoning changes or even special uses, we can help you achieve your goal and avoid costly litigation with the City.
This is by far the fastest and most inexpensive way of evicting a tenant. Most experienced landlords and property managers will agree that most communities’ landlord-tenant ordinance favors the tenant a great deal. Sometimes unconventional methods of eviction, such as “cash-for keys” will be the best option. Widely used by lenders in foreclosure situations, this often can prove to be the best method of gaining possession of your property from a delinquent tenant. In most cases we gain possession of the property in about 30 days without court appearances or legal fees.
Cleaning and Janitorial Services
We have one of the best cleaning crews available. We can provide routine cleaning of apartments, hallways, interior and exterior, windows and parking lots, as well as assist you with your heavier cleaning tasks. From simple window cleaning to heavy construction cleaning we can please the most demanding clientele.
Construction and Handyman Services
Regardless of the size of your project, we can help you to repair or improve your property. Not only do we guarantee the quality of the work but we offer the most competitive prices. Our extensive background in construction management will ensure that we will execute your project on budget and on time. Our extensive network of developers and builders in the Chicago area has allowed us to build a wide-ranging network of reliable and knowledgeable tradesmen. Our network of handymen and subcontractors is truly second to none. Further, these tradesmen have proven to be extremely resourceful and have saved our clients substantial amounts of money. In most cases we can solve any problem you may have with the help of one of our available handymen. We are very proud to have developed these relationships and continue to work with only the best, most reliable and skilled tradesmen and contractors.
Court Appearances and Administrative Hearings
Court appearances and administrative hearings: If you need a representative capable of handling evictions, violations and administrative hearings, we are definitely the right company to help you stay out of trouble. With many years of experience in this area, we use our knowledge and relationships with attorneys, contractors, architects and other officials to protect your assets and avoid costly fees and fines. In most cases we can handle these appearances without the need of an attorney. However, if needed, we can also refer your case to an experienced attorney. Disclaimer: We are not attorneys or a legal firm and cannot offer you legal advice. We are licensed real estate brokers and property managers with considerable experience in real estate and housing matters.
Dispute Mediation
In the majority of cases we are able to mediate disputes fairly and quickly and at a very low cost. With an inherent understanding of both parties’ objectives, we are able to achieve settlements and amicable agreements.
Escrow Accounts Management
Escrow accounts can be tricky. In most cases, segregated accounts must be kept for each tenant to avoid commingling of funds. Also these accounts have to be interest bearing and interest must be paid annually directly to your tenants and also reported to the IRS. Fines for not complying with these requirements can easily get to be in the thousands of dollars very quickly. We can provide you with peace of mind by handling all escrow accounts and other payables and receivables and complying with all laws.
Any landlord who has gone through the experience of an eviction will certainly rank it among the most unpleasant, time consuming and expensive experiences of their lives. We, and our lawyers if needed, have hundreds of successful eviction cases under our belts. Obviously this is something no one looks forward to; however when push comes to shove you want the most experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals on your side.
Garbage Collection
We will monitor the amount of dumpster usage for your property so we can provide the right amount of service to avoid unnecessary expenses and the collection of empty containers. In addition, because we have a number of collection contracts in place, we often can obtain discounts and pass on the savings to our clients.
Investment Analysis, Research and Consulting
Our expertise in the local market allows us to advise clients from the novice to the most experienced. First-time home buyers, lenders and investors as well as landlords, have profited from our professional advice. We concentrate in residential and small to mid-size commercial property in the City of Chicago. Our experience and expertise as investors, landlords, brokers and contractors gives us an advantage when it comes to buying and managing real estate. Regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer or a savvy investor in search of a 1031 replacement property, we can assist you.
Landlord Compliance
This service is provided free of charge to our clients. Our goal is to make sure you do not overlook any detail in the leasing or management of a property. These mistakes can be very costly and troublesome to correct.
Landscape Maintenance and Snow Removal
We provide landscape maintenance and snow removal services only to our clients, and to no one else. We will discuss with you the best and most efficient schedule for these services, depending on the type of plantings at your property. Tree removal and re-planting are also available.